Your Doctors Randwick is not a medical centre. They like to focus on patient turnover, which is sort of the opposite of how we do things.

We are not your regular private practice either. Traditional practices can offer quality GPs, however they value individual Doctors and generally operate in silos.

Your Doctors Randwick is a general practice that sees itself as pioneering a positive, inclusive and collaborative approach to patient healthcare.

By 'collaborative' we mean the highest quality doctors, clinical staff, nurses and support staff in a team environment where our collective focus is always the patient, and our individuals are valued as equals.

Better Together

We provide our patients with more than just their doctor of choice, but with the added benefits of collective opinion and experience. Our patients can also expect a consistent and seamless interaction with any one of our team members.

Values we live by

Our Values.png
  1. We employ a unified, seamless approach to healthcare where doctors, nurses, staff and patients achieve better outcomes by working together.
  2. With our drive for excellence comes a pioneering spirit that is inherent to our practice. We work hard to continue to set a higher standard in patient healthcare.
  3. We have a high degree of integrity and always act in the best interest of our patients.
  4. Empowering a patient to achieve better health is our ultimate goal. We also take pride in empowering team members and ourselves.
  5. By setting a higher standard for ourselves and truly being patient centric, we want to inspire others to do the same. By others, we mean our students, each other and the industry as a whole.